Huge Picture Update~~

Alrighty, as promised a whole lot of pictures to show. Had some problems uploading because of the new layout from wordpress but I’ve finally done it. These pictures were from a month old, inclusive of some of my best//shittiest work in school and the Degostation Dinner that i went to a while back. I’ll try my best to elaborate on what i have here. As well as categorizing them properly so its easier. Not all of what i have done is posted here, so mind the title and only one or two picture thing.

Never ask me to make salads

My first salad ever made. The Tomato and Basil salad. Name states it all. I may have placed too much raw onion in it because after a few hours i could still taste the onions haha.

Potato Salad. Bacon, Spring Onion, Parsley, Lettuce, Onions and of course Potatoes. Kinda easy to make this and this one here looks like shit but scroll down later. You’ll see what i mean πŸ™‚

Rice salad. Mixed vegetables with Rice Pilaf. Failed this one as well lol. Lettuce was crap, presentation was crap but meh.

Italian Mixed Salad. Crap as well. Same reason as above. Don’t worry, the crap goes away soon πŸ˜›

Canapes / Sandwiches

Stuffed Mushrooms. Deep fried with minced meat inside. The taste? So Very Good πŸ˜€

These are damn hard to make. Cold Canapes. I’ll start with the ones that have the orange on top. That’s called(in my workbook) Rye bread, sliced poached chicken with mandarin and mayonnaise garnish. The one in the middle with the circular black bottom is Piped liverwurst on pumpernickel parsley sprig garnish. The one below it with the bread-sized thing is Mini toast,chives, cottage cheese and cherry tomatoes. The last one, the one with 3 only on the plate is Celery and flavoured cream cheese. Now this may sound easy, but making it look good is pretty hard lol

Tea sandwiches. Pretty easy to make. There’s ham, lettuce, mustard, cheese and mayo in it

Striped sandwiches. Another easy to make. Grated boiled eggs and some spices. Easy Peasy haha.

Open sandwiches. These were easy to like get ready all the stuffies but lining them up and presenting is hard. Yes i have problems with presentation. I’m working on it.

The highlight of the sandwich day. Can you guess? If not, Club sandwiches. The only problem with these were that my chicken meat were too big haha. Tasted good and all that, I’ve been making this at home as well to feed my Brother and Daphne. I don’t think i need to describe it πŸ˜‰

Hors D’oeuvre Varies

Vegetable Pancakes with Satay sauce. Yeah that’s right, i can make satay sauce πŸ˜€ Would look a lot nicer if i had not cooked my sauce that long haha. Supposed to be drippy-ish

Sushi. I had too much water on the seaweed so it was kinda crap. Although the salmon ones were fine. Easy to make really..just had to be more careful.

The good Salads

Caesar Salad. The one i made previously looked very shitty. This one i made was top notch. Scored an A for it if i remember correctly. Looks good doesn’t it? Look at the next one..

Remember the potato salad above that looked like crap? Well this is the one that i made again, which brought me home an A πŸ™‚ One of my best works i can say, though easy to others :p

Few more and Degostation

These looked like the Steam Puddings i made earlier. Same method of making,just different ingredients. This is the Pumpkin and Cauliflower Timbale. I made Carrot and Cauliflower Timbale in my assessment as well. Looked pretty much the same.

This is my Cauliflower Mornay. If only i had covered it all with cheese, would look and taste a lot better. Not much description needed.

This was my Cous Cous mixed with almonds,onions and sultanas. Taste was bland because i didn’t season it properly, but it was cooked well πŸ˜€ First time ever eating too, its pretty much rice

This was done during Pasta day. Had others but didn’t take pictures. This was the Spatzle. I don’t know how to describe this. It’s like mini mini rice cakes lol.

Degostation Dinner

Paid 22.50AUD to get into this. It’s basically an 8 course meal, not a full meal of course. All cooked by 3rd year Apprentices. The turnout of the night was great really and i also had a bit to drink, although i wasn’t supposed to πŸ˜€

The 1st dish. I’m mostly going to copy off the piece of paper that the menu was printed on and describe it when i can. What’s your first thought? Come on, be honest. It’s a cappuccino. Weird right? Not really, its a Cappuccino of Wild Mushrooms with Porcini Dust

Another view of it, everyone at the table was like, in abit of shock when they saw this. It’s so tasty and the mushroom taste is strong and there’s the wild taste from the porcini dust as well

The 2nd dish. Ballontine of Ocean Trout Wrapped in Gravlax, Granny Smith Apple Salad, Cider Beurre Blanc. Now this, i found to be the best dish of the night. The Apple Salad was simply amazing lol, along with the Cider Beurre Blanc sauce.

The 3rd dish. Seared Canadian Scallops, Crispy Black Pudding, Pumpkin Puree and Frozen Licorice. I disliked this dish. I dislike licorice. The scallops were alright but everything else wasn’t my cup of tea.

The 4th dish. Remember back home where you get Char Siew and those Roasted/Fried Pork ribs with extra crispy skin with rice and sauce? This one, had Pork Belly which was cooked twice, Marinated Jellyfish, and Coriander Shoots. Enjoyed this one like mad cause i missed the taste so badly. Wish i could have another portion of the Pork Belly

The 5th dish. No one at the table really liked this one. Didn’t really go well. It was Grilled Watermelon, Concasse of Tomato, Cabernet Sauvignon Reduction. As classy as it sounds, it didn’t taste so well.

The 6th dish. Ragout Duck and Chorizo Risotto, Parmesan Wafer and Balsamic Glaze. This was, just, ohemgee, AMAZING. The duck was not as salty, the risotto was super tasty, the wafer was cheesy and the glaze was extra ordinary. Lame rhyme maybe but yes, a delicious dish.

The 7th dish. Braised Lamb Neck, Parsnip Puree, Onion Soubise, Lemon and Cinnamon Sauce. Another very delicious dish. It just is, no need for explanation lol.

The last dish. The dessert one of course. White Rum and Pineapple Financier, Coconut Panna Cotta and Saffron Sauce. Now this can give you diabetes. It is sweet. It is tasty. It is so damn yummy lol. That flaky looking thing is super sweet and sticky. The butter bread look-a-like was the panna cotta.

Overall, I’m glad i was able to go to the dinner. Almost everything was delicious haha. Now i’m tired and hungry, haven’t had anything to eat today. Will post up again soon i hope πŸ˜€ Till then, Laters.


May 18 2008, Sunday at 2:06 pm 5 comments

No i’m not dead…

Just been busy with school work and all that, I promise i’ll have many many extra many pictures to post up when i can alrighty? Find me on msn πŸ˜› I’m usually there

May 4 2008, Sunday at 1:35 pm 1 comment



Nice pictures ya?

Note : Something is weird bout this new wordpress thing, don’t know how to position pictures and stuff..=p

April 13 2008, Sunday at 5:34 pm 7 comments

Its either im stupid or what i dont know

But what the hell happened to wordpress? lol some update and i can’t find where to upload pictures

Help πŸ˜€

April 13 2008, Sunday at 5:29 pm Leave a comment

Hi hi hi !

Don’t start, i know. I’m always like this =) Just a few pictures updates and facebook photo albums which i hope you can access. Not my albums, bro’s friend and daphne’s so yeah.

Went to Papa Gino’s @ Lygon Street 2 nights ago for dinner. Me and my brother ordered the Papa’s Platter. 3 Different pastas. 1 Huge plate. 2 Persons minimum. Spaghetti Bolognese , Fettuccine Carbonara and Spinach Ravioli. ( R to L )Β 












JUST FOR 29AUD ! Don’t you wish you tried it? πŸ˜€ Makes Capers look so damn stupid πŸ™‚ <– Mornington Peninsula <– Bsb Concert <– Australian F1 GP

Hope you all can access it =) There’s just too many pictures out of those 3 events to post up

School’s starting this Monday. Wooo no more bumming around at home! haha catch ya’ll soon

April 1 2008, Tuesday at 7:01 pm 13 comments

I know i know..

No updates for a while, been quite busy..just here to reply comments

Alex : Ye the food is so damn imba

Esther : Shush you

Steven : If you had all 3 of those chocolate treats, confirm lol

Jordine : You come over laa then baru we talk ok ok? haha dont judge by the looks, trust me when you eat it, it’ll drive you insane =)

Ah Soh : Haha haro! i miss home food a lot .. hope you all are doing good and all, i didn’t cook those btw..from restaurant one =) It’s so damn good.

March 27 2008, Thursday at 8:50 pm 4 comments

So close to losing it..

It’s like 4.24am right now and i’m pretty wide awake. Had a pretty long and fun night tbh. Went to this place called La Porchetta which is like 5 mins from my school for dinner. It’s an Italian restaurant with very good pasta and pizzas! Loved the food and everything. Me, my bro, daphne and 2 other friends went.


Fettuccine Carbonara that i had. All i can say is OH EM GEEz. I haven’t had a Carbonara in ages so this tasted so damn good. Though i shouldn’t have ordered a main cause it fills you up so fast.


This was one of the pizzas they ordered. I sticked with the pasta and took pieces here and there. This one is called the Mexican. You can see for yourself whats on it and it was a little spicy but tasted very good


I forgot what this one was called. I think its a Hawaiian? Not sure, it did taste a lot like one with all the chicken and stuff.


A side view off my Carbonara, Martguerita and the Mushroom Pizza. 4 Pizzas altogether. Yum Yum ❀

After walking back, we decided on dessert at Max Brenner. If you don’t know what the place is, they are famous for chocolates. Like they have almost everything bout chocolates and they are so very yummy. A little pricey though but enlightens your chocolate desire like so easily.


This was called the American Marshmellow Chocolate. I had chosen the milk chocolate for this(you can choose from milk/dark/white) Sadly only 2 marshmellows but regardless a lovely drink. Initially wanted a cold drink but they apparently ran out of ice haha.


This was the Chocolate Dip that my brother’s friend ordered. Basically melted chocolate and rather large fresh strawberries. Do the math!


This was called Chocolate Cinnamon Bakab. I don’t know how to describe it. It looks so damn delicious and with all that melted chocolate it drives you insane haha. I was so tempted to order this but had a drink which was the one above instead. My brother ordered this and did let me try and all i can say is .. YUM YUM !


This was a sign at Max Brenner’s. Found it to be cool and interesting so i just snapped a picture = )


This is how my brother looked like after having the super amazing looking pastry haha

I learnt how to play poker today. I know i know it’s very slow but yeah i don’t gamble as much. Fun fun, won a few hands here and there and i’ve gotten the hang of it so yep. Hope to play again soon and just have fun =) And that’s it for my update today =)

March 22 2008, Saturday at 10:50 pm 7 comments

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